2019 Roaring Lion Silver Coin


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2019 Roaring Lion Silver Coin

Meet The 2019 Roaring Lion Silver Coin from SD Bullion. This silver coin is IRA-Eligible and struck in .9999 (4 nines) fine silver. This is the second release of The Roaring Lion Silver Coin; and like the first release, has a limted mintage of only 50,000 coins. Struck at the Sunshine Mint, this coin is of the highest quality and is available to you at an extremely affordable price!

After the massive success in 2018 of The Roaring Lion and The Tree of Life, SD Bullion decided to launch the Truth Coin Series. The ‘Truth’ that is micro-engraved on the coins will changes annually. The Roaring Lion contains half of the Truth. And the Tree of Life contains the second half of the Truth. Also, the Truth Coin Series’s coins contain very high-level security features.

These features, combined with being the Lowest Price Silver coin online, had made this coin series extremely popular for Collecors of Unique Coins series and Investors intersted in High Quality, Low Priced silver coins.

The stunning obverse depicts a majestic Roaring Lion in an attack stance, his front left paw and forearm stretched out while he erupts in a dominant roar. The Aleph Tav Symbol תא underneath the beast’s feet reveals his Identity as the Lion of Judah: The strength of the Leader is the Sign of the Covenant.

State of the Art Microengraving, can be seen in the mane of The Roaring Lion. The engraving reads: “No One Comes To The Father Except Through Me”

On the reverse of this coin, you’ll find Ian Rank-Broadley’s rendition of Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy, along with the year of mintage and the legal tender value assigned to this coin: $2 (NZD).

After you purchase the 2019 Roaring Lion Silver Coin, make sure and keep an eye on your email for the release of the 2019 Tree of Life Silver Coin, that contains the other half of the 2019 Truth!

Struck by Sunshine Minting
The Truth Coin Series is struck at the prestigious Sunshine Mint, a world-class private mint located in the United States that earned its stellar reputation by working with the most respected world mints across the globe.