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1oz silver Britannia 2021


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First introduced as a Silver coin in 1997, the 1 oz Silver Britannia coins are renowned for their beauty and reliability, which continues with the 2021 Silver Britannia Brilliant Uncirculated coin.

This 2021 release continues The Royal Mint’s tradition of the popular Silver Britannia coin release while adding modern security features. Add this 2021 1 oz Silver Britannia Coin to your cart today!

The Great Britain Silver Britannia Coin:
The Silver Britannia coins feature the internationally recognized figure of Britannia standing firm against a powerful gale. This image has symbolized Britain’s strength and integrity on coinage since Roman times. New for 2021, the design of the coin has incorporated additional security features including surface animation, a latent image, tincture lines, and micro text to provide an added layer of security.

The Great Britain Britannia Coin Series:
First released as 1 oz Gold Britannia coins in 1987, The Royal Mint began producing the 1 oz Silver Britannia coin in 1997 as a Proof, and then as a bullion coin in 1998. The coins minted from 1998 to 2012 contain .958 fine Silver, and beginning in 2013, bullion issues became the first to contain .999 fine Silver. Today, the coin series is released yearly in several sizes in Gold and Platinum Britannia coins, along with the Silver Britannias coins in both Brilliant Uncirculated and limited mintage Proofs.



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