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2017 South Africa 1 oz. Silver Krugerrand NGC SP70 FR Exclusive Label


Year of Issue: 2017
Composition: Silver
Weight in Grams: 31.1 g
Weight in Ounces: 1 oz
Grading Service: NGC
Grade: SP70
Finish: Premium Uncirculated
Release Type: Early Releases
Purity: .999
Country: South Africa
Mint: South African Mint
Denomination: 1
Currency: Krugerrand
Dimensions: 38.7 mm
Mintage: 1,000,000


2017 South Africa 1 oz. Silver Krugerrand Coin NGC SP70 FR Exclusive Label

Why should you bring this 2017 Silver Krugerrand home to your collection?
Imagine if you lived in South Africa back in 1967. You’ve heard news that the government is about to start minting a new coin using the country’s sizable supply of gold. Named after both a past president and the coin’s denomination, this issue would be the world’s first modern bullion coin. When it first hit the street, would you have bought one? Knowing what we know now, we’re betting you probably would have!
Of course, no one would have been 100% sure that the original South African Gold Krugerrand was going to be a hit when it debuted. But five decades of this numismatic classic’s phenomenal success, along with the amazing reputations of the coins it inspired around the globe, have cemented the Krugerrands legendary status. Now, the South African Mint, in partnership with ModernCoinMart, is releasing the next chapter of this incredible story – the first ever Silver Krugerrand! It’s your chance to bring history to your collection while it’s being written – especially with distinctions that few others can claim!

State-of-the-Art technology revitalizes a classic design!
For a moment, let’s go back to 1967 South Africa. Along with the news of the new Krugerrand, you see the coin’s premier design. Paul Kruger, former President of Zar, now the Transvaal Province of South Africa, from 1883-1902, is on one side, surrounded by inscriptions in both Afrikaans (“SUID-AFRIKA”) and English (“SOUTH AFRICA”). On the other side of the coin is a Springbok Antelope galloping through a South African field. That same design from 1967 is still in use today, and is especially featured on the 2017 Silver Krugerrand. Of course, the text surrounding the antelope is a bit different, reading “KRUGERRAND,” “2017,” and “FYNSILWER 1 OZ FINE SILVER R1.”
However, thanks to the latest in scanning and minting technology, these Silver Krugerrands are more finely detailed than the first Gold Krugerrands were 50 years ago! By revisiting the original 1967 designs and replicating the nuances through laser etching, you’ll discover a level of image precision and clarity that was unimaginable decades ago, but a stunning reality now!

Weight of a new global standard!
When you introduce something brand new into the world, you mostly begin with a clean slate. However, when you have the reputation of the world’s most recognizable gold bullion coin in your wheelhouse, you have to make sure your first silver bullion coin has every opportunity to be amazing. That’s why, due to the South African Mint’s strict quality control process for the 2017 Silver Krugerrand, very few of these coins left the Mint in the first 30 days of production. Immediately, this Krugerrand’s First Releases certification by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) puts it in a very exclusive class.
Out of those Silver Krugerrands, even fewer were discovered to be absolutely flawless by NGC and awarded the top grade of Specimen 70 condition. That means that these Silver Krugerrands are independently certified to have absolutely zero imperfections at five times the magnification. Sonically seal this stunning silver in a protective acrylic holder with a MCM-exclusive Krugerrand label, and you have one of the best ways possible to prove you were part of history!

The future is now for this premier coin release, and collectors everywhere are ready to make them their own as well! You’re in the right place at the right time – don’t wait another moment! Bring this perfect First Releases Krugerrand home today!

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