Mexican Mint Silver

The impressive Silver Libertad is just one of the beautiful Mexican coins minted at the Mexican Mint.
Mexican Mint Silver Coins – Established in 1535 on a decree from the Spanish Crown to create the first mint in the Americas, La Casa de Moneda de México has been producing beautiful Gold and Silver coins ever since. Their Silver 8 reales coin and Silver pesos circulated throughout the Americas and Asia well into the 19th century and became the basis of many modern national currencies, including the U.S. dollar.

Now in addition to Mexican circulating coinage, the Mexican Mint also produces beautiful commemorative coins.

For example, the Mexican Mint Silver coins in the Aztec collection feature a limited mintage of stunning coins depicting the iconic symbols of the ancient civilization. These Mexican Silver coins depict the Sun Stone, commonly known as the Aztec Calendar, on the reverse, and the Mexican National Seal on the obverse. Equally impressive, the Silver Mexican Libertad, originally minted in 1982, tells the pre-Columbian story of a strapping warrior named Popocatépetl who fell in love with Iztaccíhuatl. The Mexican Silver coins display the star-crossed lovers’ story on the reverse and the Mexican National Seal on the obverse.

Likewise, Commemorative Mexican coins commemorate some of Mexico’s proudest moments in history. The Mexican Silver bullion commemorative series tells stories of the historic Mayan civilization or depict the intriguing symbols of the Aztec calendar. For example, the Mexican Silver coins from the Central Veracruz series feature the Mexican coat of arms on the obverse and a landmark or figure central to the region at a given point of time on the reverse. Silver coins from the Mexican Mint are a valuable addition to any collection, beautifully depicting the rich legacy of the Mexican people.

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