Our Story

Welcome to Mad-4silver

Mad-4Silver was born eight years ago out of a longstanding passion and enthusiasm for all things silver.

What began as a personal interest has turned into an exciting journey that we now share with many.

At Mad-4silver we have over the years obtained a profound and adept knowledge of both silver bullion and coinage.

At Mad-4Silver you will find most of the latest coin releases from the major mints, as well as issuing authorities from Europe, USA and other overseas locations.

You will find something to add to your collection, including specialist and rare coins.

All our coins are sourced as new and directly from the most well-known and prestigious dealers in Europe. This means we guarantee the coins authenticity and mint condition.

The important thing for you is that Mad-4silver is not required to be a VAT registered company this is because we are a private dealer and can pass on the benefits to you.

The price stated is simply the price you pay with free postage provided on orders of £250 or more.

Sign up to our website in order to receive our monthly sales emails and alerts.

We have weekend sales usually once or twice a month offering some unrivalled opportunities.

Mad-4Silver is growing as a dealer with an increasing product base and service but will always maintain the personal and professional approach

At Mad-4Silver you will see our inventory grow as our passion for all things silver leads us across the globe in search of the most up to date, rarest and most sought after coins and bullion. So keep checking our site.

If at any stage you have any questions or would like to discuss a product, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email info@mad-4silver.co.uk or call us and leave a message on 0843 289 1749.

We will respond as soon as possible.