Stock Clearance Sale

Have I got a treat for all you silver stackers, collectors and bulls. This weekend I have super discounts on most 2018 and some of the 2019 coins. Most other coins and bars come with a reduced price tag. I also have some absolutely stunning new arrivals in the form of very limited edition, hand poured 100gr bars in triangle, round or square shapes. And for those who are collecting the ever so popular 2oz Queens Beasts series, the latest edition Mortimer Lion is now in stock. All in all, lots of variety and plenty of stock.

This week’s super discount coins are:

1oz American Eagle 2018

1oz Buffalo

1oz Isle of Man Angle

1oz Isle of Man Noble

1oz NIUE Athenian owl 2018

1oz Cameroon Imperial dragon

1oz Maple incuse 2019

1oz Britannia 2018

1oz sunshine mint

1.25oz Canadian Bison

2oz NIUE Turtle

Sale starts Friday 21.00pm and will finish on Sunday 21.00pm

All orders of £200+ come with free delivery

There is an additional 1.5% discount at the check out when paying by bacs transfer.


All silver bullion coins are bought new, stored and handled accordingly however, silver bullion coins are mass produced and may have small blemishes or imperfections.

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